LNAT Universities

  • Which universities use LNAT?
  • What are the average LNAT scores?
  • Which universities use LNAT section B?
  • How do the universities use my LNAT score?
  • How can I get a high LNAT score?

Which Universities Use LNAT?

Nine UK universities currently use LNAT scores as part of their admissions process (Nottingham no longer requires applicants to sit LNAT from 2023 entry onwards)

  • Bristol University
  • Cambridge University
  • Durham University
  • Glasgow University
  • Kings College London
  • London School of Economics
  • Oxford University
  • School of Oriental and African Studies
  • University College London

There are also two overseas universities which use LNAT which are

  • IE School of Law, Spain
  • Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

What Are The Average LNAT Scores?

There is no clear-cut good score or pass mark. The different law schools use different criteria for assessing your application including how they use the LNAT score.

However as a general rule you should aim for a score of 25 and above to be competitive.

Here is a table showing the average LNAT scores of candidates accepted onto courses for the academic year beginning 2021.

The second column shows the average LNAT score of the applicants actually offered a place.

The third column shows the lowest LNAT score with which a candidate was accepted onto the course in that year.

The fourth column shows whether the university uses the Section B essay as part of the application process.

We have no figures for Cambridge yet because they used LNAT for the first time for 2022 entry.

Glasgow suspended using LNAT in 2021 due to COVID restrictions but will continue for 2022.

Nottingham ceased to use LNAT from 2022 onwards.

As we can see in some cases other academic or personal information has obviously made up for a low LNAT score, for example while the average LNAT score at Oxford was 27.8 one candidate was accepted with an LNAT score nearly 50% lower of just 14.

As per the table we can see the following:

Average LNAT score for Kings was 25

Average LNAT score for Nottingham University  was 22.98

Average LNAT score for Bristol University  was 21.10

Average LNAT score for Durham University  was 23.0

Average LNAT score for SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies)  was 22.0

Average LNAT score for Oxford University  was 27.80

Average LNAT score for LSE London School of Economics  was 23.0

Average LNAT score for UCL University College London  was 27.0

Which Universities Use LNAT Section B?

We can also see from the table that not all universities use the LNAT section B score (essay score).

So if you're applying to universities which don't require it there's no point even completing that section in the LNAT test centre as you'll just be wasting your time.

The universities which use the LNAT section B score are -

  • Bristol University
  • Durham University
  • SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies
  • Oxford University
  • UCL University College London
  • Cambridge University

How Do The Universities Use My LNAT Score?

It is not always easy to obtain clear information for every institution, some do not disclose this information, but we have discovered the following:


Applications are scored and ranked based on their academic record, according to their achieved or predicted results with the following weightings: GCSE 20% | A-Level 40% | LNAT 40%

The essay will be read and assessed by University of Bristol staff. Within the essay section, they look for candidates who can demonstrate the ability to make and sustain a persuasive argument and have a strong command of language.


The LNAT may be used to distinguish between otherwise similar candidates, alongside the other evidence available to admissions selectors from a candidate's UCAS application.

In assessment of an LNAT essay, Durham looks for:

  • Focus on the particular question
  • Clarity of expression and fluency of prose
  • A logical progression and structure
  • Reference(s) to relevant evidence
  • An ability to recognise, and address, counter-arguments
  • A concise and effective conclusion.

Oxford University

The essay is marked by the tutors at the college to which you apply, and this mark is taken into account as part of the selection process. The essay should show your ability to construct a compelling argument and reach a conclusion.

LSE London School of Economics

The LNAT score will form part of the holistic assessment of applicants and will be used alongside all other information on the UCAS form, including academic record, contextual information, the reference and personal statement.

SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies

SOAS is looking for the candidates ability to reason, argue and construct a cohesive essay. A solid essay is especially important where the applicant has missed the required LNAT score by a few points.

UCL University College London

Each year, UCL looks at the average score of applicants from the previous year or years and sets a benchmark threshold score for the current admissions cycle. Applications from candidates who meet that threshold will then be considered.

Per UCL - " The essay is... an invaluable tool in assessing the applicant’s writing skills and ability to formulate, develop and defend argument... The essay therefore carries considerable weight in the selection process at UCL."

How Can I Get A High LNAT Score?

The LNAT is a specific type of psychometric test designed to select candidates with the best skill set required for success in a career in law.

As with any kind of psychometric test the best preparation is to practice the same type types of questions found in the test as much as possible.

Scientific research shows that this reliably improves performance in virtually any kind of test.

For example The Institute of Psychometric Coaching says -

" Current literature in psychometrics points to the fact that effective preparation improves test results in tests such as IQ, innovation and psychometric tests."


An article in the Harvard Business Review stated -

" A review of 50 scientific studies with more than 130,000 participants shows that practice boosts performance on pretty much any kind of test"


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