LNAT Score For Oxford

  • LNAT Score For Oxford
  • Why Are Oxford Scores So High?
  • LNAT Is Not A High Scoring Test
  • When Do I Get My Result?
  • How Can I Improve My LNAT Score?

The University of Oxford is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and their Law program is particularly competitive. The LNAT (Law National Aptitude Test) is used by Oxford, along with several other universities, to help them select students for their Law programs.

The average LNAT score required by Oxford for 2021 admissions cycle was 27.8 in Section A (score out of 42).

Oxford however also places high value on the Section B essay scores. These are not scored as such but given a rank from best to worst compared to other applicants essays.

Why Are Oxford Scores So High?

Oxford requires higher LNAT scores than most other universities because:

  1. High Competition: Oxford's Law program tends to attract a very large number of highly qualified applicants. Higher LNAT score requirements can help the university narrow down the pool of candidates.    
  2. Academic Rigor: Oxford's Law program is known for its academic rigor. A high LNAT score can demonstrate a candidate's ability to handle the challenging coursework.
  3. Demonstration of Skills: The LNAT is designed to assess skills that are important for the study of Law, including comprehension, interpretation, analysis, and argumentation. A high score on the LNAT can demonstrate a strong command of these skills.

However, it's important to note that while a high LNAT score can improve an applicant's chances of admission, it's just one part of the application. Oxford also considers factors like academic performance, personal statements, references, and performance in interviews when making admission decisions.

LNAT Is Not A High Scoring Test

It's important to remember that LNAT is a very difficult test and average scores range around the 50% mark. So when approaching the test it is important not to become disheartened by your score if you are used to scoring very highly in your school exams.

Rather you should concentrate only on scoring above the average mark usually required by the universities you have applied to.

When Do I Get My Result?

The universities get your result before you do.

For tests taken up to the 20th October the universities will receive the results on the 21st October.

For all tests taken after the 20th October the universites will receive your result within 24 hours.

You will receive your result mid February if you took the test up to or on the 26th January.

If you took your test after the 26th January you'll receive your result mid August.

Unfortunately LNAT do not provide any fixed dates.

How Can I Improve My LNAT Score?

The best way to improve your LNAT score is by practicing as many LNAT style multiple choice items as possible and by writing plenty of LNAT style essays.

Our online LNAT course has over 200+ practice questions with fully worked answers and strategies for improving your score in both Section A and B, to see more details click here...